We’re harnessing big data

How information is working for your health

It’s time for more helpful health care. Imagine your family doctor calling you to make sure you’re okay after a trip to the ER. Or getting a reminder that it’s time to schedule your daughter’s next check-up. Or getting help setting up physical therapy appointments for your mom when she has a hurt ankle. 

California is home to so many technologies that make our lives easier. Silicon Valley has invented tools to help us get around, have food delivered, connect with family, listen to music, translate languages, manage our money, and even turn our lights on and off. Let’s bring those kinds of amazing technology tools available today to help deliver the right care at the right place and at the right time. Through Manifest MedEx, a nonprofit company, Blue Shield is helping to lead an effort to create a health data network for all Californians.

Here are just a few ways that big data in health care can get to work for you:

If you’re in a serious car accident and passed out in the hospital, how will doctors know about your health history, allergies, and prescriptions? Manifest MedEx lets ER doctors access the latest lifesaving information about your health background and emergency contacts with just a few clicks. 

Does your primary care doctor know what is happening when you visit your cardiologist? With a network like Manifest MedEx, your doctors can share information about your health. This means fewer forms to fill out, fewer repeat tests to complete, and more care from your doctors that takes your whole health profile into consideration. 

It used to be that your primary care doctor would have no idea if you were in the hospital until you came into the clinic and reported the news. Now, thanks to this health data network, your doctor gets a notification when you’re in the hospital or are sent home. That way, your doctor can check on you, connect with your care team, update your treatments, and help plan for a smooth transition back home. 

Are you trending toward diabetes, high blood pressure, or asthma? With the help of information delivered through Manifest MexEx, your doctors and care teams can work with you to take action before your health is affected. You might be offered special health programs and tools, like the services in our Wellvolution® program. 

Another benefit from a health data network is that researchers can use anonymous information to see how medical care and prescriptions really work. For example, a national study recently reported that many women with a common type of early-stage breast cancer can safely skip chemotherapy. That kind of update makes a huge difference in people’s lives and keeps our medical system moving forward.  

Health data networks like Manifest MedEx provide information to help you receive the best, most informed, most personal care. Not only do you save time and have an easier time managing your health, all these small improvements can also help our healthcare system work more efficiently and support all Californians to live healthier lives. 

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