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Health Care Reform

Frequently Asked Questions/Concerns If You Enrolled Via Covered CA

Question: "Where is my ID card?"

Response: Covered CA is starting to process paper applications. When they complete processing your application, you will be notified of your acceptance, and they will give BSC your file information for payment and issuance of your ID cards.

Concern: "I enrolled online and have not heard from anyone."

Response: BSC is processing payments and preparing the ID cards. You should expect to have your ID cards later this month if Covered California has processed your application and delivered your information to BSC.

Question: "Will I be able to visit a physician on 1/1 even without an ID card?"

Response: Yes, if you have paid your binder payment and received confirmation in writing from Blue Shield that you are approved, you can utilize services without your ID card.

The 10 Key Topics You Should Know About Health Reform

1. Guaranteed Issue

6. Essential Health Benefits

2. Individual Mandate

7. Metal Level Plans

3. Grandfathered Plans

8. Federal Subsidies and Tax Credits

4. New Marketplaces
(aka "The Exchanges")

9. ACA Taxes

5. Open Enrollment

10. Play-or-Pay

Refer to a Fact Sheet to review Covered California's Top Launch Questions.

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