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Group Life Insurance and AD&D
Small Businesses (2 to 100 effective 1/1/2016)

For more than 50 years, Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life) has met the life insurance needs of small businesses across California. Your clients can offer a comprehensive benefits package and provide employees added peace of mind with Blue Shield Life.

Blue Shield Life combines life insurance coverage with comprehensive AD&D benefits and can be sold to employer groups alongside or independent of our medical plans. And with an "A (Excellent)" rating from A.M. Best, Blue Shield Life has the financial stability to meet your clients' needs now and in the future.

In addition, all of our small group plans offer streamlined administration with one bill, one renewal and one point of administration for all of your Blue Shield business. Employers can access all of their coverage through Employer Connection for information and management of all their plans.
NEW! Beneficiary assistance services
Life Referrals 24/7 offers care and support for family members who have suffered a recent loss of a loved one. During this challenging time, a simple phone call connects members with a team of experienced professionals ready to assist with grief support, financial advice and legal needs. Learn more (PDF, 37KB).
Life Insurance Benefits
  • Flat amount – All employees are covered at the same flat amount, e.g., $60,000.
  • Multiples of salary – All employees are covered for the same multiple of salary up to a maximum amount, e.g., 2 times annual earnings up to the maximum benefit amount, depending on group size.
  • Graded schedule – Employees are divided into classes that have different levels of benefits, e.g., executive, management, and staff levels. The benefit amount for each class must be no more than 2.5 times that of the next lower class. Each class can have its own flat amount or multiple of salary.
Eligible employees: benefit amount:1
 Eligible employees  Benefit amount
(no evidence of insurability is required)
 2 to 9 Minimum benefit $15,000
Maximum benefit $30,000
 10 to 242 Minimum benefit $15,000
Maximum benefit $100,000
 25 to 502 Minimum benefit $15,000
Maximum benefit $150,000
51 to 1002 Minimum benefit $15,000
Maximum benefit $150,000 and $175,00 or $200,000
The guaranteed issue amount is equal to the maximum benefit.
Composite rates for groups of 10 to 100
For groups with 10 to 100 eligible employees our new life insurance composite rating model is sure to deliver more competitive rates and streamlined administration with a single composite rate for all employees.  Contact your Blue Shield sales representative for details and new business quote information.

For groups with 51 or more eligible employees "guaranteed issue" amounts of $175,000 or $200,000 are available in flat, multiples of salary or graded amounts.
Dependent Life Benefits (Optional)
Groups can offer dependent life insurance for an insured employee's spouse or domestic partner and/or children.
  • $1,000 to $5,000 in coverage per dependent (all dependents are covered for the same low monthly premium).
Note: Employee life insurance benefits are reduced to 65% of the original amount when a subscriber attains the age of 65, and to 50% of the original amount at age 70. All benefits for employee and dependents terminate at retirement.
See the value
Help your clients see the value that life insurance coverage can bring them in the infographic, Why You Need Group Life Insurance Coverage.
Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage
Accidental death and dismemberment (AD&D) coverage that provides employees added financial support in the event of an unexpected accidental loss.
  • Full benefit for accidental loss of life (full benefit equals the basic life amount)
  • Partial benefits for accidental loss of limbs
  • Seat belt benefit, including airbag benefit
  • Special education benefit
  • Repatriation benefit
  • Disappearance benefit
  • Felonious assault benefit
  • Exposure benefit
  • Common carrier benefit
  • Surgical reattachment benefit
  • Complete and irrecoverable loss of sight in both eyes
  • Loss of hearing
  • Loss of speech
  • Comatose benefit
1. Coverage amounts are available in plan options of $5,000 increments within the specified guarantee issue range based on the number of eligible employees.
2. Composite rating for groups of 10 or more eligible employees
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