Using technology to build and reinforce healthy habits

Eat more fruit and veggies, work up a sweat, and reduce stress
Woman eating healthy while using a mobile app

For years, people looking to eat better, exercise more, or feel more centered might have relied on a professional such as a dietician or a life coach to meet their goal.

Today they are turning to their phones.

That’s because of a host of mobile apps that help consumers change their diets, start a workout program, or achieve greater emotional stability.

The Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., recently did a study of the helpfulness of online health programs. In it, researchers asked cardiac rehab patients to use an app to get information about healthy lifestyles. They asked these patients to report what they ate and how much they exercised.

Compared with patients that got standard medical care, those that used the app lost more weight, had less cardio-related emergency room visits and re-hospitalizations, and had improved overall health behaviors.

What’s more, these apps are easy to use and help people adopt a wide range of healthy lifestyle habits such as eating more good-for-you foods and maintaining a good mood.

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Manage your health on the go

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