Client education resources

Share these resources with your clients to help them better understand the healthcare market and their plan benefits.

First-time clients

Clients who purchase a health plan for the first time often need help understanding how to use it. Share these informational flyers with your current and prospective Blue Shield clients to help them get the most from their health plan and assist them in their efforts to reduce their costs.

Topic Download flyer
Using your health plan Coming soon
Finding doctors English (PDF, 260 KB)
Accessing urgent care Coming soon
Accessing prescription drugs Coming soon

Healthcare 101 brochure

This brochure is ideal for your clients who are new to the healthcare market. It explains how health coverage works, the value of health coverage, and why they should choose Blue Shield of California for their health coverage.
English (PDF, 975.6 KB)  Spanish (PDF, 978.8 KB)

Virtual Care

Learn more about specialist care for your clients through Virtual Care. They can get care from a specialist without the time, cost, and stress of traveling to a far-away appointment.

Treatment cost estimator

Your PPO and Trio HMO members can use our Treatment Cost Estimator to budget and plan for future healthcare expenses. They can compare more than 1,600 medical treatments and services at various facilities.

This tool is available on your clients' dashboards in their online accounts.

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