Now available in 26 counties throughout California, Trio HMO is helping to transform the healthcare landscape. As our fastest-growing plan, Trio aligns with our mission of providing access to high-quality health care at an affordable price.

Remember: Trio comes with our exclusive Shield Concierge Service, which can  help reduce any servicing you need to give to clients who enroll in the plan. Call us at (888) 626-6780 to learn more about the incentives currently available when you switch your clients – and add new members – to Trio.

Trio HMO is a plan that is designed to offer convenience, quality, and affordability and comes standard with the following benefits:

  • 360° customer service with Shield Concierge
  • $0 24/7 virtual care consults online or by phone with Teladoc
  • $0 virtual mental health support with Teladoc*
  • $0 first visit on-demand doctor house calls with Heal
  • myStrength digital program that helps members deal with stress, anxiety, sleep and more*
  • Extensive pharmacy network that includes major chains
  • Option to self-refer to specialists within the same medical group
  • Access healthy foods at a reduced price with Healthy Savings®
  • Urgent and emergency care coverage worldwide
  • Meal delivery program for qualified patients recovering from serious illness

*Effective with new or renewing 2021 plans

2021 Trio HMO plan options

Standard plans:

  • Blue Shield Platinum 90 Trio HMO
  • Blue Shield Gold 80 Trio HMO
  • Blue Shield Silver 70 Trio HMO
  • Silver 70 Off Exchange Trio HMO

Cost-Sharing Reduction Plans

  • Blue Shield Silver 73 Trio HMO
  • Blue Shield Silver 87 Trio HMO
  • Blue Shield Silver 94 Trio HMO

Learn more about available Blue Shield Individual and Family Plans including Trio by downloading our Broker Sales Guide (PDF, 1.4MB).