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All Blue Shield members can save 20% on the following services and materials at participating providers whether or not you have vision care benefits through Blue Shield.

Highlights include:

  • Routine eye examinations
  • Frames and lenses, including photochromic
  • Tints and coatings
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Non-prescription sunglasses
  • Hard contact lenses


LASIK and laser eye centers

QualSight LASIK

QualSight LASIK logo
Members in California saved an average of $1,200 per LASIK surgery and over $800 on procedures such as Custom Bladeless (all laser) LASIK. Learn more online or call (877) 437-6110, Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Saturday, 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. PT.

  • Save on LASIK surgery at more than 45 surgery centers in California.
  • Services include pre-screening, a pre-operative exam and post-operative visits.

Call us to find out if you are a potential candidate for this life-changing procedure today or visit QualSight LASIK at www.qualsight.com/-lasikca.

View program details (PDF, 51KB)


NVISION laser eye centers

As a Blue Shield of California member, you are entitled to a 15% discount from NVISION eye centers.

  • NVISION laser eye centers have some of the most experienced surgeons in the world, with offices in Southern California and in Sacramento.
  • Use your Flex Spending Account or ask about affordable financing options.

Call NVISION at (877) 91-NVISI or (877) 916-8474 or go to NVISIONcenters.com to find a provider or learn more about whether LASIK is right for you.


MES Vison Optics

MESVisionOptics.com features competitive prices on many contact lens brands as well as other accessories, including a selection of sunglasses and reading glasses.

MES Vision Optics

  • Discounts on contact lenses, sunglasses, readers and accessories.
  • Blue Shield vision plan members can apply their eligible benefits to reduce their out-of-pocket cost for contact lenses.
  • All major brands and types of contact lenses at a reduced price from other online retail sellers.
  • Every lens is shipped in safe, sealed containers and is guaranteed to be the exact lens the doctor prescribed.
  • Free shipping is available for all orders over $50.

Visit MESVisionOptics.com



These discount program services are not covered benefits of Blue Shield health plans and none of the terms or conditions of Blue Shield health plans apply.

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