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Mission and values

We are guided by our mission and values, which encourage innovation and enable us to be a catalyst for constructive change.

For Care, Not Profit

Discover how Blue Shield of California puts care first and profit second.

Fast Facts

Facts and statistics about Blue Shield's history, financials, membership and its networks, including our primary addresses and contact numbers.


Explore our corporate timeline, marking landmarks in Blue Shield's history over the last 70 years.


Profiles of our Leadership team, Board of Directors and Management team serving the healthcare industry.


Review our strong financial summary, operating income and financial strength ratings.


Get an overview of awards Blue Shield has received for its industry-leading programs and services since 2007.

Fast Facts

  • Year founded: 1939
  • Service area: California
  • Revenue: $13.4 billion
  • Membership: 4 million
  • Employees: 6,800



Blue Shield continues to receive many awards for our industry-leading programs and services.