Small Business Underwriting guidelines

Small Businesses (1 to 100)

Our underwriting guidelines for small businesses provide quick access to the information you need, including:

  • Information on our general approach to underwriting
  • Help for brokers underwriting new and existing small businesses

Please note that these are guidelines only. Our Small Business underwriters will make the final decision to accept or decline a case and to determine the rate level or an effective date. Brokers are neither authorized to bind nor guarantee coverage, or authorize a specific rate or effective date.

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2023 Underwriting guidelines

2022 Underwriting guidelines

Anniversary date changes

If you would like to change the date of your group's renewal, please read the following information to determine eligibility and submit an Anniversary Date Change request.

Considerations for eligibility:

  • Anniversary date changes are allowed once every 2 years.
  • If the group wishes to change their renewal beyond one month - they will need to renew twice, once in December and again in the month they’re changing to which could mean multiple rate increases.
  • Renewal date changes should be moving forward, not retro meaning if they are renewing, for example, January 1, 2022, we can only move their renewal date forward in 2022.
  • Groups are required to provide the request on company letterhead at least 30 days prior to their requested renewal date.
  • Group must be with Blue Shield for a minimum of 6 months before requesting an Anniversary Date Change.

If your group meets each of these considerations and is eligible for date change, you can move forward with submitting the request. Below is an outline of the verbiage requirements.

Verbiage requirements provided from group on business letterhead:

  1. We waive our right to a 60 day advanced notice of any plan and rate increase.  
  2. We understand we will be subject to the rates and plan designs that apply under the renewal date being requested.
  3. We understand that once this change is approved, it is irrevocable.
  4. We understand we may not receive a renewal packet under our new renewal date requested.

You will send the request to:

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