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Prior authorization is the requirement that a physician or other qualified provider obtain approval from Blue Shield before prescribing a specific medication, procedure and/or service.
Authorization tools

Blue Shield providers can submit medical and pharmacy authorizations online in AuthAccel. Blue Shield Promise providers can submit medical authorizations online, but pharmacy requests must be faxed.

The status of all medical and pharmacy requests can be viewed in AuthAccel for both Blue Shield and Blue Shield Promise members, regardless of how they are submitted.

Below are instructions for using AuthAccel.

Request a medical authorization (PDF, 326 KB)

View medical authorization status (PDF, 270 KB)

Request a pharmacy authorization (PDF, 251 KB)

View pharmacy authorization request (PDF, 177 KB)

AuthAccel frequently asked questions (PDF, 281 KB)

Managing out-of-area Blue plan members

Find tools, information, and resources to assist you in serving your patients insured by other state Blue plans.

Additional resources

Learn to use AuthAccel and find out who to contact if you have questions about prior authorizations.

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