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Patient Care Resources

Find information that can help you assist your members, including language assistance resources, educational materials, resources for the disabled, preventive health guidelines and more.

Also get images of ID cards by plan type, and information about member rights and responsibilities.

In This Section

Advance Directives

Information on patient self-determination provisions through advance directives from the California Health and Human Services Agency.

BlueCard Program

Learn about the BlueCard program and access our online tools, resources and tutorials to help you service out-of-area members.

Blue Shield Benefit Plans and Member Identification (ID) Cards

Samples of member identification cards and current benefit plans and networks are provided.

Blue Shield of California Health Management Programs

Find out about Blue Shield of California's Health Management programs available to eligible members with the certain chronic conditions.

Hearing and Visually Disabled Resources

Access a listing of California assistive services, resources and organizations that serve the hearing and visually disabled, with contact information.

Language Assistance Program Resources

Contact information for the Language Assistance Program, which provides written and spoken translation services.

Medicare Injectable Drug Coinsurance Tool

Use this tool to approximate the patient cost share amounts for injectables covered under Part B that your office administers to Medicare patients.

Member Rights and Responsibilities

Blue Shield Member Rights and Responsibilities statements, as appears in member Evidence of Coverage.

National Imaging Associates

Learn about medical necessity reviews and prior authorization for selected outpatient radiology procedures, provided by National Imaging Associates.

PCP Toolkit for Depression

Print patient and physician education materials for use in your practice for patients with depression.

Preventive Health Guidelines

Access preventive health guidelines for healthy children, adolescents and adults. Included are immunizations, health screenings and more.

Quality Improvement and Patient Safety

We care about the quality of service and care that our members receive and we participate in the following programs and initiatives.