Personal emergency response system (PERS) overview

At home or on the go, get emergency help when you need it – with just the push of a button.

To keep you safe and independent, we offer a medical alert monitoring system from LifeStation that provides access to help 24/7 at the push of a button. 

LifeStation’s state-of-the-art medical alert monitoring system keeps you connected to your caregiver network through easy-to-use technology and platforms, including exclusive Find My Loved One and Alexa integrations. 

An experienced care specialist can then contact emergency services, caregivers, or loved ones quickly getting you the help you need.

PERS benefits – provided by LifeStation include: 

  • One personal emergency response system (PERS)
  • Choice of an in-home system or mobile device with GPS/WiFi
  • Monthly monitoring
  • Necessary chargers and cords

Who's eligible for the PERS medical alert benefit?

This benefit is available at no additional cost to Blue Shield of California members enrolled in the following plans:

Plan County
Medicare Supplement Plan F Extra All counties
Blue Shield Inspire (HMO) Los Angeles
Blue Shield 65 Plus (HMO) Los Angeles
San Diego
Blue Shield 65 Plus Choice Plan (HMO) Riverside
San Bernardino
Blue Shield Enhanced (HMO) Los Angeles
Blue Shield AdvantageOptimum Plan (HMO) Los Angeles
Blue Shield AdvantageOptimum Plan 1 (HMO) San Diego
Blue Shield TotalDual Plan (HMO D-SNP) Los Angeles
San Bernardino
San Diego
Blue Shield Inspire (HMO D-SNP) Fresno 
San Joaquin 


Choose the monitoring style that works for you

In-home landline In-home cellular Mobile with GPS
Works with your home telephone service Works without a traditional landline Offers access to help when you're home or away and helps identify your location

Get started with PERS

To check eligibility or obtain your medical alert system and begin receiving services, call LifeStation24/7 at
(855) 672-3269 (TTY:711)


Visit the LifeStation website