Personalized programs for health and well-being 

Get lifestyle-based tools and support to lose weight, treat diabetes, support mental health, prevent falls, improve well-being, and more. Clinically proven programs, designed for you. Wellvolution® is our digital platform, included with your Blue Shield of California Medicare plan at no additional cost. 

Wellvolution programs can help you:

  • Lose weight
  • Treat diabetes
  • Lower stress 
  • Prevent falls and improve balance
  • Improve well-being
  • And more

Wellvolution offers Blue Shield of California members top-rated programs to help you build a healthier lifestyle and a healthy you.

How it works:

Create a profile using your Blue Shield member ID

Tell us about your health goals. The information you provide helps us find the right programs for you. 

Pick your program 

We’ll recommend programs based on your health profile. Then you decide which one you want to try. 

Get a healthier you!

Wellvolution gives you the tools you need to achieve your health goals. 

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