Why do you need a Blue Shield Medicare Prescription Drug Plan?

Original Medicare offers basic coverage. But it does not cover all the services and supplies you need. For example, it does not cover prescription drugs. Our stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans provide a wide range of cost and coverage options and can help you cover your prescription drug costs. These plans work well when combined with one of our Medicare Supplement plans.

Prescription Drug Plans inforgraphic

If you would prefer a plan that has both medical and Part D prescription drug coverage, view our Medicare Advantage - Prescription Drug plans. Compare our Medicare-eligible plans, get a quote and apply.

This plan include coverage of 90-day supply fill options for prescription drugs.

Note: Tier 5 drugs and opioids are only available with a 30-day supply.

90-day supply of drugs

You may save money if you obtain a 90-day supply at a pharmacy that offers preferred cost-sharing, which includes select retail pharmacies and our mail service pharmacy. Ask your doctor or pharmacist if your prescription is a maintenance medication. If so, ask for a 90-day supply prescription. Learn more about our pharmacy network, and the convenient ways you can fill your prescriptions here.


Medicare Prescription Drug Plan highlights

Click on the links below to learn about our plans.

  • SilverScript Choice (PDP)

    Blue Shield now offers our Medicare Supplement plan members affordable prescription drug coverage from SilverScript®1 - one of America's largest2 standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug sponsors:

    • $30.50 monthly plan premium
    • No deductible
    • Nationwide SilverScript Choice pharmacy network
    • For more information about SilverScript Choice, contact your local authorized broker or call (877) 411-7443 [TTY: 711] to speak with a Blue Shield sales agent.
  • Blue Shield Rx Plus (PDP)

    This plan can help cover your prescription drug costs and includes:

    • $40.70 monthly plan premium
    • $435 deductible (does not apply to Tier 1 Preferred Generic Drugs)
    • Competitive copayment and coinsurance amounts


  • Blue Shield Rx Enhanced (PDP)

    This plan can help cover your prescription drug costs and includes:

    • $118.40 monthly plan premium
    • No deductible
    • More robust formulary than the Blue Shield Rx Plus
    • Competitive copayment and coinsurance amounts