Why do you need a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plan?

Original Medicare offers basic coverage. But it does not cover the costs of all the services and supplies you need. For example, it does not cover the costs of prescription drugs, physical exams*, hearing aids or certain eye care services. A Medicare Supplement plan allows you to get additional savings.


*Original Medicare does not cover physical exams but does cover "Welcome to Medicare" preventive visit during the first year of Part B enrollment and annual "Wellness" visits after the first year.

Complete Medicare coverage infographic

Blue Shield offers four Medicare Supplement plans that are designed to give you the benefits that matter the most to you.

All of our Medicare Supplement plans include plan extras that help you manage your health and well-being.    

For rates and coverage details, use our plan comparison tool to get a quote and apply.


Find your Medicare Supplement plan

The plans vary in price, and each health plan offers a different set of benefits.

Complement Blue Shield Medicare Supplement coverage by adding SilverScript® Choice (PDP) - prescription drug coverage designed for affordability. SilverScript is one of America's largest1 standalone Medicare Part D prescription drug plan sponsors. Avoid the high cost of prescriptions with $0 deductible and nationwide SilverScript Choice pharmacy network for only $34.80/month.

We also offer dental and dental+vision plans to help Medicare Supplement plan members save. When you enroll in one of our dental plans at the same time you enroll in your Medicare Supplement plan, you save $3 per month. 2,4

Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plans explained

Click on the links below to learn about our plans or download Summary of Benefits.

  • Plan A

    Our basic affordable Medicare Supplement Plan. It includes coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B copayments, coinsurance and more.

  • Plan F Extra

    Plan F Extra offers our most extensive coverage including coverage for Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, plus:  

    • Skilled nursing facility care
    • Foreign travel emergencies
    • 100% coverage of Medicare Part B excess charges
    • Hearing Aid services
    • Personal Emergency Response System (PERS)
    • Vision services

    Please note, Plan F Extra has no high deductible option. For dental coverage, Plan F Extra members can only enroll in Dental 1000 or Dental 1500.

  • Plan G

    Plan G offers more benefits than Plan A and Plan N. Plan G includes coverage for Medicare Part A deductibles, Medicare Part A and Part B copayments and coinsurance, plus:

    • Skilled nursing facility care.
    • Foreign travel emergencies.
    • 100% coverage of Medicare Part B excess charges.
  • Plan N

    This plan includes coverage for Medicare Part A deductibles, copayments and coinsurance, and it also covers:

    • Medicare Part B Medical expenses that you will be responsible for paying:

      • Up to $20 copayment for some office visits.

      • Up to $50 copayment for visits to the emergency room.

    • Skilled nursing facility care  Foreign travel emergencies.

Ways to save

New to Medicare?

Then we want to welcome you. You can save $25 each month2 on your Medicare Supplement plan rates if you're new to Medicare Part B.

  • To qualify, you must be 65 or older, and we must receive your application within six months of the date you enrolled for benefits under Medicare Part B.
  • Savings will be effective for the first 12 months of your plan dues. The Welcome to Medicare Rate Savings is available for four plans: A,  F Extra and G.

Sign up for Easy$Pay

If you sign up for Easy$PaySM you will save $3 per month.2 This service automatically transfers your monthly payment from your checking or savings account.

Enroll in one of our dental plans

When you enroll in one of our dental or dental + vision plans at the same time you enroll in your Medicare Supplement plan, you save $3 per month.2, 4


For Household Savings Program

If your are enrolled in a Medicare Supplement plan with household savings, you may enjoy the convenience of a  single bill for you and your other household member. Keep the same convenience when you choose your dental plan by matching your dental plan ore dental +vision package enrollment with your Medicare Supplement plan enrollment.

You and your other household member need to enroll in the same dental or dental/vision plan in order to enjoy these savings.


Special Enrollment Period3 (SEP)

Already have a Medicare Supplement plan?

Switching to a Blue Shield plan can be simple. With Blue Shield’s Medicare Supplement SEP, you can transfer to an open plan of equal or lesser value at any time during the year without going through underwriting.