Why do you need prescription drug coverage?

Original Medicare offers basic coverage, but it does not cover prescription drugs. Medicare-approved private companies such as Blue Shield of California offer a variety of plan options allowing you to fill the gaps left uncovered by Original Medicare.

Prescription drug coverage options infographic


Blue Shield plans with prescription drug coverage at a glance

Our Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug plans (HMOs) provide all the medical services and supplies offered by Original Medicare, plus drug coverage and other benefits.

Our stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans provide a wide range of cost and coverage options and can help you cover your prescription drug costs. These plans work well when combined with one of our Medicare Supplement plans.


Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug Plans  (MA-PD)
Medicare Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)

Doctors and specialists
With our large network of primary care physicians and specialists, chances are you can keep seeing your current doctor.
Not covered

Open enrollment
You can switch to a different MA-PD plan effective next year between October 15th and December 7th of the current year.
You can switch to a different PDP plan effective next year between October 15th and December 7th of the current year.

Many of our plans feature $0 or low monthly plan premiums and $0 copays for doctor office visits.
You pay a monthly plan premium, and some plans have deductible amounts applied when you use services.

Blue Shield MA-PD network consists of thousands of doctors, specialists and hospitals across California. Emergency care is covered anywhere in the US.
Not applicable

Prescription drugs
Prescription drug coverage is included in all our MA-PD plans. Many of our plans have a $0 copay for generic prescription filled at the pharmacies that offer preferred cost sharing and by mail order service.
Our PDP plans feature low or no deductibles, extensive formulary list, and $0 copay for prescription filled at the preferred pharmacies.

Other benefits
We offer optional supplemental dental HMO or PPO plan coverage, 24/7 registered nurse access, a variety of free or discounted wellness programs, including free access to all SilverSneakers® fitness locations.
Not covered
Medicare Prescription drug plans

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