The Blue Shield Drug Formulary is designed to assist physicians in prescribing medically appropriate, cost-effective drug therapy. In selecting medications for the formulary, the Blue Shield of Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee considers safety, efficacy, FDA bioequivalency data and then cost. Maintenance of the formulary is a responsibility of the P&T Committee.

You may search the drug formulary by generic or brand name or by therapeutic category.

Blue Shield of California IFP, Small Group Large Group and Medicare formularies

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan Cal MediConnect formulary

New drugs and clinical data are reviewed quarterly to update the formulary. Drugs are also considered for removal if a new, equivalent, cost-effective alternative is added to the formulary, or if new clinical information pertaining to adverse drug effects is reported. Drugs that have been previously reviewed may be re-reviewed to consider updated FDA approval information and recent clinical trials supporting use of the drug.

Comments, questions and requests for formulary additions are encouraged and should be directed to:

Blue Shield Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
      c/o Pharmacy Services Department
      P.O. Box 7168
      San Francisco, CA 94120-7168
Phone:(800) 535-9481
Fax: (888) 697-8122