These training and support tools are designed to help you learn and use AuthAccel, Blue Shield's web-enabled prior authorization system.

What's new:

  • The Request Type field includes options for behavioral health.
  • AuthAccel stores inquires for all lines of business in the Medical Authorization Status section of the system. An inquiry is documentation provided by Blue Shield/Blue Shield Promise when an authorization is not required for a medical service or when it is delegated to another approver.


AuthAccel features

Learn more about AuthAccel features and benefits for commercial and FEP medical requests, including the potential for immediate approval. 

AuthAccel features and benefits (PDF, 97 KB)

Support tools

Request a medical authorization (PDF, 329 KB)

View medical authorization status (PDF, 272 KB)

Request a pharmacy authorization (PDF, 251 KB)

View pharmacy authorization request (PDF, 177 KB)

AuthAccel frequently asked questions (PDF, 277 KB)

AuthAccel training webinars

AuthAccel for Blue Shield Commercial and FEP medical authorizations ( November 2021)

Recorded webinar (49 mins)

Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)

AuthAccel for Blue Shield Promise Medi-Cal and Cal Medi-Connect authorizations (June 2021)

Recorded webinar (44 mins)

Presentation (PDF, 816 KB)