Blue Shield is committed to protecting the protected health information (PHI) of our members. When a member completes an application for coverage, his/her signature authorizes Blue Shield to collect PHI (including both medical information, and data such as address and telephone number). This general consent, as well as the HIPAA Privacy Rule, allows Blue Shield to communicate with physicians and other providers regarding a member's treatment and payment.

Blue Shield also participates in quality measurement activities that may require employees to access PHI. Blue Shield has created policies and procedures to protect such information from inappropriate use or disclosure. We will not disclose, sell or otherwise use PHI unless permitted by law, and then only to the extent necessary to administer the health plan. We will obtain written authorization from the member to use his/her PHI for any other purpose.

Blue Shield has policies to protect the rights of any prospective or current members unable to give consent. These policies permit member's legally authorized representative to give consent on the member's behalf.

Through its contracts with providers, Blue Shield has policies in place to allow members to inspect their medical records maintained by providers and, when needed, to include a written statement in such records. As a HIPAA Privacy right, members also have the right to review their records maintained by Blue Shield. Prospective, current or former members that want more detailed information about their privacy rights and HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices (NPP) can visit the Blue Shield Privacy and security page. Members also can receive Blue Shield's NPP by contacting the customer service number on the back of their identification card or by contacting the Blue Shield Privacy Office:

Phone: (888) 266-8080