Our programs provide opportunities for us to collaborate with and support our healthcare providers in offering Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan members access to high-quality care.

Annual Dual Special Needs Plan Model of Care Evaluation

A Dual Special Needs Plan Model of Care (D-SNP MOC) describes how we provide healthcare services to our low-income senior (65+) members and members who have special needs. Our purpose is to provide them with access to care that is reliable, convenient, and accessible. Annually, we check the quality of the care and service we make available to these members. We set goals and follow steps and actions to correct our process if we do not meet those goals.

Read the 2021 Dual Special Needs Plan Model of Care Evaluation (PDF, 671 KB)

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Blue Shield Promise Medi-Cal Provider Incentive program

Our Med-Cal Provider Incentive Program provides incentives for Blue Shield Promise network physician practices and independent physician associations (IPAs) to support and encourage high standards in health care for our valued Medi-Cal plan members.

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Cultural Awareness and Linguistics program for Blue Shield Promise providers and members

Blue Shield Promise ensures that all our members have access to translation services that help them access programs and care in their language of choice.

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Health education for Blue Shield Promise providers and members

Blue Shield Promise assists its providers in meeting health education state requirements by providing them with appropriate materials to distribute to their patients. These multilingual materials are available in the state-mandated topics.

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Health Management programs

Find out about our Health Management programs available to eligible members with the certain chronic conditions.

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Maven Maternity Program

Maven Maternity offers an innovative maternity program available to eligible Blue Shield of California HMO and PPO commercial plan members. Maven provides a wide range of virtual support services to expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey.

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We encourage you to share this flyer with eligible patients (PDF, 190 KB)

Quality and patient safety

We care about the quality of service and care that our members receive and we participate in the following programs and initiatives.

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Vaccines for Children Program (VFC)

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program provides free vaccines to children less than 19 years old who qualify for Medi-Cal, are uninsured, or are American Indian or Alaska Native. VFC provides vaccines at no cost to enrolled providers to administer to eligible children between the ages of 0-18 years. Blue Shield Promise strongly encourages all providers who provide immunizations to children 0-18 years to participate in this program.

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Wellvolution health and lifestyle programs

Learn about our personalized care programs helping our members to improve health, lose weight, reduce disease risk, treat and reverse type 2 diabetes and feel better.

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