Find resources and information about behavioral health services for providers serving Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan members.

Behavioral health resources for Blue Shield providers

You can provide immediate support to your patients who may need behavioral health care by using the resources available at Blue Shield of California’s PCP Behavioral Health Toolkit website. You will find clinical and referral information, screening tools and patient education resources to help you manage or refer your patient to meet their behavioral health care needs.

Tools to help you refer HMO and PPO commercial plan members for behavioral health services   

Explore the PCP Behavioral Health Toolkit at any time to find these resources:

  • Information about behavioral health conditions
  • Screening tools and clinical practice guidelines
  • Behavioral health provider lists for referrals
  • Blue Shield drug formulary and medication information
  • Patient education materials
  • Community resources for your patients
  • Behavioral health provider lists for referrals

If you have questions about managing or coordinating behavioral health care needs for your patients with coverage under one of Blue Shield’s HMO or PPO commercial plans, and you don’t find what you need in the PCP Behavioral Health Toolkit, contact us:

  • Provider Customer Service Department
    Phone:(800) 541-6652
  • Blue Shield mental health service administrator for HMO and PPO commercial plan members
    Phone:(877) 263-9952

How to refer members with these Medicare benefit plans for behavioral health care services:

  • Blue Shield TotalDual Plan (HMO D-SNP), Blue Shield Inspire (HMO D-SNP) or Blue Shield Coordinated Choice Plan (HMO) members
  • Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan (IMAPD) HMO members

Complete this Behavioral Health Care Management Referral Form (PDF, 131 KB), then email the completed form to the Blue Shield care team at the email address supplied on the form. The email address for submission will depend on your patient’s type of benefit plan.  

Behavioral health services program for Blue Shield Promise providers

Blue Shield Promise behavioral health services cover mental health, substance use disorder, and autism spectrum disorder behavioral health treatment.

Learn more about behavioral health services programs for Blue Shield Promise members