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Introducing the BlueCard Program

The BlueCard Program links Blue Plans across the United States and abroad through a single electronic network for claims processing and reimbursement.

In California, you can send most BlueCard claims for other states' Blue Plan members to Blue Shield of California. With us, you get simplified, timely processing of out-of-area claims. If you are a preferred provider with Blue Shield of California, we will send your payment directly to you.

To help you simplify submission of these claims and get paid faster, we offer specialized tools and information on this website.

If you are already logged in to Provider Connection, simply visit the BlueCard Program section of this site.

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Online tools

Our online tools for serving out-of-area Blue members allow you to:

  • Search eligibility and benefits for out-of-area members

  • Check prior authorization requirements

  • Request medical authorizations

  • Find where to send out-of-area claims

  • Check claims status

Tutorials and webinars

We offer step-by-step tutorials and quarterly training webinars to get you up to speed on serving out-of-area members through the BlueCard Program. Topics include:

  • BlueCard basics

  • How to search eligibility and benefits

  • How to request authorizations

  • How to use our Claims Routing Tool to instantly find where to send claims

  • How to check the status of out-of-area claims

Access the BlueCard Program section, or register now.