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Submit Claims for Free with Office Ally

Enroll in EDI and submit claims for free using Office Ally.


How to Submit Claims

Claims should be submitted to Blue Shield of California electronically using Electronic Data Interchange, though they can also be submitted by mail.

Submitting Claims Electronically

Blue Shield encourages healthcare providers to submit claims and receive payments electronically in order to reduce administrative costs and improve cash flow. Please visit Enroll in EDI for more information.

Using EDI, you can submit all of your claims and receive your payments electronically for faster processing and payment. EDI allows paperless billing and payment for healthcare services and supplies and automates many types of routine inquiries.

To enroll in electronic payment options and learn more about using EDI to save time and money, see our Manage Electronic Transactions page.

Submitting Claims by Mail

If you still need to submit paper claims, use the Claims Routing Tool, located in right-hand area of this page, to determine the correct mailing address for each member.

Because claims mailing addresses are different for different Blue Plan members, using the Claims Routing Tool is the most accurate way to determine a claims mailing address.

However, if you are unable to use the Claims Routing Tool, you can access our list of Claims Mailing Addresses.