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Manage Electronic Transactions

You can submit all of your claims and receive your payments electronically for faster processing and payment using electronic data interchange (EDI).

How to Get Started

To find out if your organization already receives electronic payments, check My Payment Preferences.

Next, find out how to enroll in EDI.

Or, sign up for a live webinar to learn about submitting electronic claims and receiving electronic payment, including tips for claims submission, and live Q&A with the experts.

Dates and Times
Wednesday, August 15, 2018, 12 p.m. – 1 p.m., Pacific Time

Benefits of Using EDI

EDI allows paperless billing and payment for healthcare services and supplies and automates many types of routine inquiries.

The benefits of using EDI include:

  • Reduced administrative costs. The average physician’s office can save up to $46,000 annually using electronic transactions for common administrative tasks, according to a report by The Milliman Group (PDF 96KB).
  • Improved accuracy of billing/posting information.
  • Reduced paperwork for your office.
  • Improved cash flow.
  • Faster claims processing.
  • Improved security for protected information.

Using EDI, you can automatically post electronic remittance advice (ERA) to your practice management system, reducing data entry, speeding up patient billing and freeing up staff for more important tasks.

Electronic funds transfer (EFT) allows you to have your claims payments automatically deposited directly in your business account, minimizing your risk of lost checks or lock-box delays.

In This Section

Enroll in Electronic Data Interchange

Follow these easy steps to enroll in EDI for your organization, either through a clearinghouse or directly with Blue Shield of California.

FAQs for EDI, ERA and EFT

Get answers to questions about using electronic data interchange (EDI), electronic remittance advices (ERA) and electronic funds transfer (EFT).

EDI Companion Guides

Access our companion guides for trading partners who exchange electronic transactions directly with us (not through a clearinghouse).

HIPAA 5010 and ICD-10 Implementation

If you conduct business electronically, read about these two significant changes to HIPAA standard transactions and code sets.

Submit an EDI Inquiry

Submit an EDI Inquiry