Original Medicare offers basic coverage. But you may find that it does not cover all the services and supplies you need. For instance, it does not cover physical exams, hearing aids, or routine eye care.

How can I enhance my Medicare coverage?

A Medicare Supplement plan can help pay for some of the costs not covered by Original Medicare.

We offer six types of Medicare Supplement plans. Each plan lets you choose any doctor, hospital, and healthcare provider that accepts Medicare.

Certain situations qualify you for guaranteed acceptance in a Blue Shield Medicare Supplement plan. Please read our Guaranteed Acceptance guide to determine if you qualify.

Guaranteed Acceptance guide (English, PDF, 237 KB)
Guaranteed Acceptance guide (Spanish, PDF, 240 KB)
Guaranteed Acceptance guide (Chinese, PDF, 370 KB)
Guaranteed Acceptance guide (Vietnamese, PDF, 323 KB) 

Medicare Supplement plans do not cover prescription drugs. However, you do have options available. You can add coverage for prescription drugs by enrolling in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan. Companies like Blue Shield offer these types of plans. Make sure the plan you choose covers the prescriptions you need.

You can also replace Original Medicare with a Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug plan, which offers:

  • Prescription drug coverage
  • Original Medicare benefits
  • Additional benefits not covered by Medicare

Many Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans have no monthly plan premiums and no Part D deductibles. Most require a copayment only when you receive a covered service or drug. However, some plans have annual limits.

Other less common types of Medicare Advantage Plans include:

  • Medicare Advantage HMOs without Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage
  • Medicare Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
  • Medicare private fee-for-service plans
  • Medicare special needs plans

You can find more information on these types of plans at medicare.gov.

What plans does Blue Shield of California offer?

Blue Shield of California makes choosing the right health coverage easy. We offer Medicare Supplement plans and stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plans statewide. 

Our Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug PPO plan is available in Alameda, Orange and San Diego counties. 

Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug HMO plans are available in the following counties:

  • Alameda
  • Fresno
  • Kern
  • Los Angeles
  • Madera
  • Merced
  • Orange
  • Riverside
  • Sacramento
  • San Bernardino
  • San Diego
  • San Joaquin
  • San Luis Obispo
  • Santa Barbara
  • San Mateo
  • Santa Clara
  • Stanislaus
  • Ventura

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