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Fill out the fields below to see if you’re eligible for financial assistance to help pay your plan premium.

Important: This calculator is a tool for informational purposes only and does not confirm eligibility. It is not a contract. Eligibility requirements are only partially described. It is not intended for personalized, financial, or legal advice.

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  • What is the California Premium Subsidy?

    California is the first state to provide its residents who did not previously qualify for financial help (because they earned more than 400% of the Federal Poverty level) with state-funded premium assistance, called the California Premium Subsidy. For those eligible, the California Premium Subsidy sets a limit on how much one pays for their medical premium based on a percentage of their annual income. The amount of premium assistance that Californians can qualify for depends on age, household income and size, and the cost of affordable health care coverage in their region. State and federal premium assistance are only available for medical plans purchased through Covered California.

    See the Federal Poverty level income table and read more about the California Premium Subsidy and the individual mandate.

  • How do I qualify for the California Premium Subsidy?

    To be eligible for the California Premium Subsidy, you must meet the following criteria:

    • Earn 600% of the Federal Poverty Level or less, and
    • Affordable coverage (the second-lowest cost silver plan) in your region costs more than your premium contribution level set by the government

    If you find out you may be eligible, contact us to learn about your options at (888) 273‑0010.