These training and support tools are designed to help you get the most out of Blue Shield’s Provider Connection website.


Provider Connection Reference Guides

Instructions for how to access and use most website tools, plus direct links to resources and an FAQ addressing registration and account management. Note, there are slight differences between what Blue Shield and Blue Shield Promise providers can do on the website.

Provider Connection Reference Guide for Blue Shield providers (PDF, 3.0 MB)

Provider Connection Reference Guide for Blue Shield Promise providers (PDF, 2.6 MB)


Quick-reference tutorials

Instructions and visuals for each step needed to complete a task.

Register for a Provider Connection Provider account (PDF, 674 KB)

Register for a Provider Connection MSO account (PDF, 736 KB)

Register for a Provider Connection Billing account (PDF 632 KB)

Update your Provider Connection password (PDF 246 KB)

Verify eligibility and benefits (PDF 168 KB)

Check claims status and view EOBs (PDF 244 KB)

How to view, print, or download member ID cards (PDF 40 KB)
Learn how to integrate digital member ID cards into your workflow.


Provider Connection training webinars

Provider Connection Website Overview for Blue Shield of California providers (December 2022)

Recorded webinar (54 min)

Presentation (PDF, 5 MB)

Provider Connection Website Overview for Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan providers (December 2022)

Recorded webinar (54 min)

Presentation (PDF, 5 MB)

What’s new on Provider Connection

Provider & practitioner profiles page

  • Attest and update your provider demographic data online to remain in compliance with federal and state mandates. See Provider data management for instructions.


  • Commercial, Shared Advantage, and BlueCard claim disputes can now be filed online.
  • Dispute status tool moved to Claim issues & disputes.

Eligibility & benefits:

  • Member roster tool offers more filtering options plus a roster for “on hold” members.
  • Verify eligibility tool added search by Medicare beneficiary ID/date of birth in addition to Member ID or Member name/date of birth.
  • Eligibility results now display coordination of benefits (COB) information for Commercial members when Blue Shield is not primary, and the data is in our system.
  • Blue Shield’s TotalDual HMO dual special needs plan (D-SNP) member eligibility results display two panels, one for Medicare (primary), and one for Medi-Cal. The Medicare member ID link is active.