Blue Shield of California and Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan offer members with multiple, select chronic illnesses special programs to help them manage their complex care needs as effectively as possible. Below is information about some complex care programs available to eligible members.


ConcertoCare™ is an additional resource that Blue Shield has engaged to provide health care services for eligible members with commercial HMO or PPO, Medicare Advantage HMO or PPO, or Medi-Cal coverage who have been diagnosed with multiple, specific chronic illnesses.  

  • ConcertoCare provides community-based, physician-led medical teams who specialize in house calls and home-based care to deliver medically needed services for chronically ill patients. 
  • ConcertoCare’s tech-enabled in-home care teams leverage an interdisciplinary care model to address unmet health and social needs and improve patients’ quality of life, partnering with them, their caregivers, families, health providers and communities. 
  • The program offers 24/7 in-person and virtual access to medical professionals and in-home urgent care to participating members. 

At this time, ConcertoCare is only available to eligible members residing in Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties. Services such as these may be offered to members in other select counties, in the future.  

Blue Shield and Blue Shield Promise determine which members are offered participation in the ConcertoCare program, and member participation is voluntary. Physicians or other health care providers for Blue Shield and Blue Shield Promise members may not refer their patients directly to ConcertoCare.

Learn more about ConcertoCare

Review or download these resources to learn more about complex care management programs, including ConcertoCare:

Other care management programs

Eligibility for complex care programs is carefully determined by expert clinical care teams at Blue Shield and Blue Shield Promise, through evaluation of the individual needs of each member. Some members with complex care needs are offered programs that include 24/7 access to nurses and doctors providing care management, in addition to widely accessible benefits such as NurseHelp 24/7 or Nurse Advice Line, and Teladoc. Certain members may also be eligible for DispatchHealth® and/or palliative care. Member participation in any of these programs is voluntary.

Members who are determined by Blue Shield or Blue Shield Promise to be eligible for care extending beyond these programs are offered additional resources that specialize in providing comprehensive and more complex home-based care. 


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