Community Supports are extra services that Blue Shield Promise offers to eligible Medi-Cal members. They are not benefits. These services provide support to members beyond Long Term Care Support Services (LTSS). They enhance and support members’ care. Services will vary based on a member’s needs and on Blue Shield Promise Health Plan’s rules. Prior approval is required.



Blue Shield Promise Health Plan offers Community Supports to qualified members in Los Angeles and San Diego counties:

Community Supports member focus
Asthma remediation Physical changes to an individual’s home environment that ensure health, welfare, and safety, or enable functioning at home if acute asthma episodes may result in hospitalization or seeking emergency services.
Community transition services/Nursing facility transition to a home This helps members to live in the community and avoid further institutionalization.
Day habilitation programs This helps Medi-Cal members in a non-facility setting to develop self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to succeed in their home environments.
Environmental accessibility adaptations (Home modifications) Physical adaptations to a home to ensure the health, welfare, and safety of the individual and allow members who would otherwise require institutionalization to stay in their homes.
Housing deposits Members will receive help finding, coordinating, securing, or funding one-time services needed to set up a basic household.
Housing transition navigation services Members will receive help getting housing.
Housing tenancy and sustaining services Members will get help maintaining safe and stable tenancy after finding housing.
Medically tailored meals/Medically-supportive food Nutritional support for members, especially those with chronic conditions, when meeting nutritional goals is critical to getting healthy and staying healthy.
Nursing facility transition/Diversion to assisted living facilities This helps members to live in the community or avoid institutionalization when possible.
Personal care and homemaker services Members will receive help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) such as bathing, dressing, toileting, ambulation, or feeding, and Personal Care Services like meal preparation, grocery shopping, and money management for Members who could not otherwise remain in their homes without these supports.
Recuperative care (Medical respite) Short-term residential care for those who no longer require hospitalization, but still need to heal from an injury or illness, including a mental health condition that might worsen in an unstable living environment.
Respite services for caregivers of Medi-Cal members Short-term, non-medical relief from caregiving duties for those who take care of Medi-Cal members who require intermittent temporary supervision.
Short-term post-hospitalization housing A place for members with high medical or behavioral needs who do not have a residence to continue recovering immediately after exiting an inpatient hospital or residential facility.
Sobering centers Safe, supportive places for individuals to become sober after being found publicly intoxicated due to alcohol or drugs and help for individuals experiencing homelessness or unstable living situations who would otherwise be sent to the emergency department or jail.


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BSC Promise Community Supports referral form (PDF, 298 KB)

BSC Promise Community Supports Eligibility Criteria and Exclusions Checklist for Los Angeles (PDF, 241 KB)

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