Billing and Payments

2 Percent Pledge

In June of this year when we announced our 2 percent pledge, we issued credits based on our 2010 results. Now we are estimating that our net income for 2011 will exceed the 2 percent limit. As a result, we will be giving approximately $283 million back to Blue Shield customers. Eligible customers will receive a 54 percent credit on one month’s dues/ premium, based on their August 2011 dues/premium amount. This credit will be applied automatically to the bill for December dues/premiums if coverage is still in effect in December.

Learn more about Blue Shield’s Pledge.

If you are a Small Groups paying on Employer Connection please reference the frequently asked questions below.

How do I know that the credit was applied to my invoice?
You will know that your credit was applied if the amount due is lower than what you normally pay and you haven’t made any other changes to your membership. On the Pay Bill page, the Amount Due will reflect your adjusted dues/premium that accounts for the credit. For more details on the credit amount, please reference the letter you received in the mail.

Do I need to do anything if I’m already setup on a recurring payments schedule?
No. For groups on a recurring payment schedule, no additional action is required. Your monthly invoice will automatically be adjusted for the credit.

Why is the amount due on my bill different from what I am seeing when I log in?
The bill is created 15 days prior to the due date, which means that the payment for the prior month may not have been received and posted before the bill was generated. Therefore any amounts outstanding when the bill is created are included in the total amount due showing on the paper bill. The online payment system reflects each month separately and does not carry the balance forward into one amount due. To see prior outstanding balances, open the “bill period” box to view prior open months.

I have multiple invoices that are not yet paid. How is the credit applied?
The online payment system will apply the credit to the oldest outstanding bill period; however, the intent is that the credit be taken for the December payment. All outstanding months should be paid based on the original amount billed, and the December bill should be paid based on the amount due for that month minus the 2 percent pledge credit.

If you have further questions, you may contact our Group Employer Services department by email at or you may reach us at 800-325-5166.


Paying Monthly Premiums Online

In an effort to better serve our employers, we offer online billing and payment capabilities for Small Group Administrators.

This includes the ability to view your current invoice amount due, make a one-time payment, setup a recurring payment schedule and view your payment history.

To get started, you must be a small group employer and registered on Employer Connection. Once you’re logged in, click on the Pay Bill link under the Plan Administration tab in the navigation.