Resources for the 2022 tax season

We can help you find the health insurance coverage tax form you need, such as IRS 1095 forms (1095-A and 1095-B).*

*We are not tax professionals, and cannot provide tax advice, but we can help you with the Blue Shield health tax form(s) and related information you need to file.

Health plans purchased from Blue Shield

If you purchased your health plan directly from Blue Shield, your 1095-B tax form will be available in your online account in early February. (We will be mailing this to you, as well.)

Health plans purchased through Covered California

Did you purchase your health plan through Covered California?

Changes in your health coverage situation?

Find information on what to do if your health coverage situation changed throughout the year, for yourself or any family members.

Confused about tax penalties?

When you file your taxes, you will need to confirm that you had qualified health coverage. On the California state tax form, there is a box to check if you had health coverage for 2022.

California residents are required to have health coverage every month. If you did not, a state tax penalty may apply (unless you are granted an exemption). This "individual mandate" does not apply to federal taxes.

† Source: The website contains information from 2020.

‡ Source: California Franchise Tax Board. The website contains sample penalty amounts for the 2021 tax year.

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