Information about the provider directory

Blue Shield of California gathers the information contained in directories from new provider forms and/or contracts. This information can also be collected during office visits, over the telephone, or through the Blue Shield of California website.

The information listed in this directory is subject to change. Blue Shield of California validates information about providers in its network every three months and credentials contracted providers (or participating providers) at least every three years. Blue Shield of California makes every attempt to validate the information in the directories. Blue Shield of California collects and publishes provider language and language services available through these validation and credentialling processes. However, certain information is self-reported and optional, such as the provider’s race and ethnicity. Members may request this information by contacting Member Services at the number listed on your ID card or (866) 346-7198 (TTY:711).

Interpreting services are available for all providers through Blue Shield of California Health Plan at no cost. An advance notice is required for face-to-face and ASL interpreting services. To request services, contact Member Services. The call is free. For more information, see

If you have any questions regarding a particular provider or have difficulties reading or understanding this information, please contact Member Services.

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Blue Shield of California
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Oakland, CA 94607

Send mail to:

Blue Shield Corporate Headquarters

Blue Shield of California
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Member Services: (866) 346-7198 (TTY:711)

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