Blue Distinction Centers for Maternity Care

Becoming a parent is one of the most important experiences of one’s life – so it’s good to start the journey on the right foot. At Blue Shield of California, we know that finding a hospital that provides quality maternity care is important to many of our members.

What are Blue Distinction Centers?

Blue Distinction® and Blue Distinction® Centers+ are recognized for distinguished clinical care and processes by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. We're proud that several facilities within Blue Shield's network of hospitals are designated as Blue Distinction Centers and Blue Distinction Centers+ for Maternity Care.

Facilities earn these designations based on rigorous, evidence-based, objective criteria and input from expert physicians and medical organizations. The goal of this recognition is to help all Blues health plan members - and others - find quality specialty care on a consistent basis, while enabling and encouraging healthcare professionals to improve the overall quality and delivery of care nationwide.

Studies indicate Blue Distinction Centers have better overall outcomes and lower costs for certain procedures when compared to non-designated medical facilities. In addition, Blue Distinction Centers+ demonstrate a history of offering more affordable care. By providing this information for our members, we can continue to help them make informed health care decisions.

Participation in the Blue Distinction and Blue Distinction Centers+ for Maternity Care program is voluntary for hospitals. Facilities not referenced either did not meet the criteria or chose not to participate in the program at this time. Blue Shield will continue to work with interested hospitals to improve reporting data and measurement tools for future inclusion in this program.

Blue Distinction Criteria


The criteria for selection to the Blue Distinction Centers and Blue Distinction Centers+ for Maternity Care program were developed with input from physician experts and medical organizations and include a comprehensive evaluation of structure, process and outcome measures. This program focuses on Vaginal Delivery and Cesarean Delivery episodes of care; routine obstetrical services and follow up care. The Maternity Care Program aims to improve outcomes for both mothers and babies by building on quality criteria.

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Note: Designation as Blue Distinction and Blue Distinction Centers+ means these facilities' overall experience and aggregate data met objective criteria established in collaboration with expert clinicians and leading professional organizations' recommendations. Individual outcomes may vary. Before making an appointment, find out which services are covered under your policy at any facility by calling Blue Shield Customer Service and check with your provider to verify the most current information regarding their Network participation status. Neither Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association nor any of its Licensees are responsible for any damages, losses, or non-covered charges that may result from using this website or receiving care from a provider listed in this website.

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