Trio HMO Plans

Quality, choice and affordability

The name “Trio” represents our accountable care organization (ACO) program collaboration between Blue Shield, the medical group, and the hospitalan integrated network model that creates a community of care to support improved health outcomes for Trio HMO members and helps reduce unnecessary healthcare costs.

Through the ACO model we are able to eliminate silos within the care delivery system, enhance care coordination for our members, and reduce duplication of healthcare services.

The savings that result with Trio HMO go back to our customers by keeping rates down – and not just back into health plan and provider operations – significantly reducing the annualized cost of healthcare trend to almost half of our non-ACO commercial business, depending on the region.

Our Trio HMO plans are designed to help:

  • Connect patients to the right care and setting
  • Deliver integrated care for both healthy patients and those with complex needs
  • Improve discharge processes and programs to reduce hospital re-admissions
  • Support and encourage active engagement in personal wellness


See what Trio is all about.

Our fastest growing HMO delivers affordable care and puts its members in control of their health and well-being. See why Trio is the right choice for your business with our interactive video.


Trio HMO plans

  • Trio  HMO Zero Admit 10
  • Trio  HMO Zero Admit 20
  • Trio  HMO Zero Admit 30
  • Trio  HMO Per Admit 10-250
  • Trio  HMO Per Admit 25-750
  • Trio  HMO Per Admit 40-1000
  • Trio  HMO Per Admit 20-500
  • Trio HMO Per Admit 20-250
  • Trio HMO Per Day 15-500
  • Trio HMO Per Day 25-750
  • Trio  HMO Facility Coinsurance 15-20%
  • Trio  HMO Facility Coinsurance 20-20%
  • Trio  HMO Facility Coinsurance 25-25%
  • Trio  HMO Facility Coinsurance 40-40%
  • Trio  HMO Facility Deductible 15-10%/1500
  • Trio  HMO Facility Deductible 20-25%/1500
  • Trio HMO Facility Deductible 30-10%/1500
  • Trio  HMO Facility Deductible 30-30%/2000
  • Trio  HMO Facility Deductible 40-40%/2000
  • Trio  HMO Facility Deductible 40-40%/5800

For additional information, contact your broker or Blue Shield representative.


Working together for our members

Our Trio HMO plans offer quality and affordability for employees, with lower premiums and out-of-pocket costs than most of our non-ACO commercial business. Learn more about Trio.