Active Choice

First dollar coverage from day 1

Choice and affordability

Active Choice® plans* offer flexibility and greater management over spending, while providing reliable protection against the impact of high-cost services. These plans are good, affordable options for those who want comprehensive coverage but have low annual utilization.

The Active Choice plans divide health coverage services into three categories of coverage. This design offers greater personal management over routine health coverage spending while still providing reliable protection against the impact of high-cost services.

Choice of five plans:

  • Active Choice® 500 80/50
  • Active Choice® 750 80/60
  • Active Choice® 750 70/50
  • Active Choice® 750 70/50 1000 Deductible
  • Active Choice® 500 80/50 1500 Deductible

Categories of coverage

  • Category 1: First dollar 100% services (preventive and outpatient professional and diagnostic services) – Any unused portion of the first dollar services amount rolls over from year to year as long as the member remains in the plan with the current employer. When members have reached the first dollar services coverage maximum, they’ll pay 100% of the covered services until the annual cost-share maximum is met.1 Once they meet the cost-share maximum, Blue Shield covers 100% of the allowable amount for specified covered services.
  • Category 2: All other services (outpatient and inpatient services including emergency care) – Blue Shield covers 100% of the allowable amount for specified covered services once the cost-share maximum is met.
  • Category 3: Pharmacy riders – Optional rider prescription coverage includes covered generic and brand-name drugs, as well as oral contraceptives, diaphragms and diabetic drugs and testing supplies. Prescription drug coverage includes no annual benefit maximums. A pharmacy deductible may apply depending on which plan design is selected.

For additional information, contact your broker or Blue Shield sales representative.

*Active Choice plans are underwritten by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company.

1When members use non-network providers, they must pay the applicable copayment or coinsurance percentage plus any amount that exceeds Blue Shield’s allowable amount. Charges above the allowable amount do not count toward the calendar-year cost-share maximum or first dollar services amounts.