Access+ HMO

HMO plans are perfect for clients who want affordable coverage and comprehensive benefits, with predictable copayments for office visits. Access+ HMO® plans offer your employees a wide range of benefits, including preventive care, inpatient and outpatient hospital services and emergency care. These plans also feature:

Access+ Specialist

Members can go directly to a participating Access+ SpecialistSM in the same medical group or IPA as their personal physician without a referral. The medical group or IPA must be an Access+ provider for members to use this benefit. Medical groups and IPAs that participate in the Access+ Specialist program are designated with an A+ in our online and printed directories and on Blue Shield member ID cards.

Access+ HMO plan options

  • Access+ HMO® Zero Admit 10
  • Access+ HMO® Zero Admit 20
  • Access+ HMO® Zero Admit 30
  • Access+ HMO® Per Admit 10-250
  • Access+ HMO® Per Admit 20-250
  • Access+ HMO® Per Admit 20-500
  • Access+ HMO® Per Admit 25-750
  • Access+ HMO® Per Admit 40-1000
  • Access+ HMO® Per Day 15-500
  • Access+ HMO® Per Day 25-750
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Coinsurance 15-20%
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Coinsurance 20-20%
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Coinsurance 25-25%
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Coinsurance 40-40%
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Deductible 15-10%/1500
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Deductible 20-25%/1500
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Deductible 30-30%/2000
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Deductible 40-40%/2000
  • Access+ HMO® Facility Deductible 40-40%/5800