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Medical Plans

Discover Blue Shield's range of health benefits to support your Small (1-100) or Mid/Large (101+) company and your employees.

Dental, Vision and Life Insurance Plans

These Blue Shield specialty products can be purchased with or without a Blue Shield medical plan.

Account-Based Health Plans

Account-based health plans are designed to be wrapped with a tax-advantaged account to help employees take control of their healthcare decisions.

Premium Only Plans (POP)

These plans reduce payroll taxes on the premium contributions of participating employees, saving money by converting premiums to a pre-tax expense.

Out-of-Area Coverage

We offer out-of-area coverage nationwide and outside of the United States through our BlueCard Program, and Away From Home Care for HMO members.

Total Health and Wellness

Blue Shield programs are designed to guide your employees every step of the way, from inspiring healthy habits to helping manage chronic conditions.

Healthier Workforce

Discover what we've learned about supporting health in the workplace in this series.


Cost Management

Read these features and more in this section devoted to helping you save money.


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