Mid/Large Group Plans (101+)

Large group employers (101+ employees) can choose from a range of managed care plans with the flexibility to tailor benefits and financial arrangements to meet specific needs. Core Accounts serves employer groups with 101+ employees.

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Virtual BlueSM Plans

Offer your employees comprehensive, connected coverage that puts their employees first. Virtual BlueSM delivers with anytime virtual care, $0 virtual visits, and in-person care when they want it—driving value for businesses of all sizes. This plan is designed for people who prefer the convenience of 24/7 virtual care for most primary, specialty, and behavioral health visits, with access to in-person care..

Trio HMO Plans

With these plans, Blue Shield works with the hospital and medical group to deliver integrated care in a patient-centered environment, reducing duplication of services and unnecessary healthcare costs, and enhancing care coordination.

Access+ HMO Plans

These plans provide low copayments for our widest range of benefits, including preventive care, inpatient and outpatient services and emergency care.

Local Access+ HMO Plans

These plan are designed for employers looking to lower what they spend on health care without compromising comprehensive coverage for their employees.

Access+ HMO SaveNet Plans

These plans offer an HMO plan with a targeted physician network to lower your rates and must be paired with one of our standard Access+ HMO plans.

PPO Plans

These plans provide direct access to the physicians and specialists in our preferred provider network, plus the option to go out of network.

Tandem PPO Plans

These plans offer a select quality network of providers that deliver the same benefits as our full PPO plans, but at a lower cost.

Active Choice PPO Plans

These plans provide comprehensive coverage with flexibility and greater management over spending, while providing reliable protection against the impact of high-cost services.

Added Advantage POS Plans

These plans are for employers who would like the flexibility of having HMO and PPO benefits combined under one plan. They combine the convenience and out-of-pocket costs of our HMO, with access to our extensive PPO network.

PPO Savings Plans

PPO Savings plans are high-deductible health plans (HDHPs) and are ideal for employees who want to be actively in control of their healthcare expenses by saving tax-advantaged dollars for future medical expenses.

Trio plans

These plans provide a family of limited-network ACO-based products that offer wellness programs without sacrificing affordability.


National and worldwide capabilities

We provide coordinated coverage across the nation and in 200 countries.


ASO and stop-loss insurance

We offer combined services that give you the power to control costs, manage risks and respond to utilization trends.