Vision Plans

Our vision plans include low-cost $0 or $15 eye exam copayments,1 making it easier than ever for you to offer your employees an affordable wellness solution. Eye exams can play an important role in the early detection of health problems like diabetes and hypertension as well as eye diseases.

Our vision plan benefits include eye exams, lenses, frames and polycarbonate (shatter-proof) lenses for covered dependent children.

Consider this: More than 150 million Americans and 70 percent of the workforce use corrective eyewear.2 Our affordable coverage for routine vision care is a good value for your employees.


Vision Plan Advantages

  • One of the largest nationwide vision provider networks
    Members can choose from more than 25,000 eye-care practitioners nationwide, including 6,725 in California3. Search online for vision care providers.
  • $0 copayment for eye exams on many plans
    Eye exams play an important role in early detection of serious health problems so we've made it easier for your employees to get their eyes checked, keeping them healthier, happier and more productive.
  • Convenience through retail and 24/7 online providers
    Blue Shield vision plan coverage includes major retail chains with convenient evening and weekend hours. Our vision plans are accepted at Costco (warehouse, membership required), Wal-Mart (wholesale), LensCrafters, Site for Sore Eyes, For Eyes Optical, Target Optical and many other popular vision service retail stores, plus access to online contact lens ordering at MESVisionOptics.
  • Flexibility — Frame allowance amounts of $120, $1304 or $150.
  • Additional contact lens benefits — Rich benefit plan options including frame/lens and contact lens benefits (contact exam and materials) so members can choose both glasses and contacts to fit their lifestyles.
  • Low out-of-pocket expenses
    After the copayment is paid for materials (lenses, frames and low-vision aids), and up to the allowable amount, there are no additional charges for eyewear from a network provider.
  • Early detection promotes good health
    Routine eye exams are an important step toward detecting eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and other serious health conditions such as diabetes, hypertension and early signs of heart disease.
  • Voluntary vision plans available
    For greater flexibility, our voluntary vision plans5 are a great way to extend vision coverage to your employees with no minimum contribution from you, the employer.
  • Calculate the Value
    Vision plans that cover comprehensive eye exams and quality vision wear can reduce medical costs and boost employee productivity. To see the potential financial impact, take advantage of the Healthy Sight Calculator tool.

See the value

See the value that vision coverage can bring your company in the infographic, Why You Need Group Vision Coverage.

Vision Discount Programs

All Blue Shield members can save 20 percent on the following services and materials at participating providers whether or not you have vision care benefits through Blue Shield. Access participating providers on the Find-a-Provider page at

  • Routine eye examinations
  • Frames and lenses (including photochromic)
  • Photochromic lenses
  • Tints and coatings
  • Extra pair of glasses
  • Non-prescription sunglasses
  • Hard contact lenses

QualSight LASIK

Save on LASIK surgery at more than 45 surgery centers in California.

  • Members in California saved an average of $1200 per LASIK surgery and over $800 on procedures such as Custom Bladeless (all laser) LASIK in 2012
  • Services include pre-screening, a pre-operative exam, and post-operative visits
  • Call (877) 437-6110 to find out if you are a potential candidate for this life-changing procedure today or visit QualSight LASIK online.

NVISION Laser Eye Centers

Blue Shield of California members are entitled to a 15 percent discount from NVISION Laser Eye Centers.

  • NVISION Laser Eye Centers has some of the most experienced surgeons in the world, with offices Southern California and in Sacramento.
  • Members can use their Flex Spending Account or ask about affordable financing options.
  • Call NVISION at 877-91-NVISION (877-916-8474) or go online to find a provider or learn more about if LASIK is right for you.

MESVision Optics features competitive prices on many contact lens brands as well as other eye care accessories including a selection of sunglasses and reading glasses.

  • Discounts on contact lenses, sunglasses, readers, and accessories.
  • Blue Shield vision plan members can apply their eligible benefits to reduce their out-of-pocket cost for contact lenses.
  • All major brands and types of contact lenses at a reduced price from other online retail sellers.
  • Every lens is shipped in safe, sealed and containers and is guaranteed to be the exact lens prescribed by the doctor.
  • Free shipping is available for all orders over $50.00.
  • Visit

Discount Vision Program6

Members receive a 20 percent discount off the published retail prices when they use a participating provider in the Discount Vision Program network for non-prescription sunglasses, an extra pair of glasses, and more.

Learn more about the Blue Shield Wellness Discount Program.

Current Blue Shield Vision Groups


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1 Except Eye Exam Only, Materials Only and closed vision plans.

2 Vision Problems in the US. (2008). National Eye Institute and Prevent Blindness America.

3 Vision providers are available by arrangement with a vision plan administrator.

4 $130 frame allowance plans available to groups of 51+ employees.

5 5 Groups of 2 to 50 must have a minimum of 5 enrolling employees. Groups of 51 or more must have 10 or more enrolling employees if they purchase Blue Shield medical coverage.

6 Discount programs administered by or arranged through the following independent companies:

Discount Vision Program & – MESVision
LASIK – Laser Eye Care of California, NVision Laser Eye Centers and QualSight Inc.

Note: No genetic information, including family medical history, is gathered, shared, or used from these programs.



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