Small Business Renewal Center

Choosing and maintaining your coverage

Continuing your small business (1-100) coverage with Blue Shield is easy, and with a few simple steps you'll be on your way to running a healthy business.


Step 1: Choose your Blue Shield plan(s)

Review your renewal packet from Blue Shield. The benefit administrator received this packet at their provided email address. If you do not access your online renewal packet within one week, we will send an email reminder. Three days later, if you have not accessed your online renewal packet, we will mail a print packet. For support accessing your online renewal packet, reach out to your broker, Blue Shield representative, or email us at

You have choices:

  • If you want to keep your current plan(s) all you need to do is pay your bill and recertify (if required) as a small business.
  • If you want to change your plan(s), ask your broker to email you a quote.


Step 2: Access your Open Enrollment online

Log in to Employer Connection Plus to make member-level changes during your open enrollment period. You will have until the last day of your renewal period month to update:

  • Member Open Enrollment plan selections
  • New Hire and Dependent additions
  • Subscriber and Dependent terminations
  • Life event changes
  • Member information (e.g., addresses, phone number, name change, etc.)

Log in to Employer Connection Plus   |  Getting started on Employer Connection Plus


Step 3: Access your plan documents online

Distribute important plan information to your employees. Email your employees a link to our new page. Employees can access their:

  • Summary of Benefits
  • Evidence of Coverage/Certificate of Insurance for Medical and Specialty Benefits plans
  • Privacy Practices/Privacy policy

Visit the guides page for a Small Business Administrator's Guide covering eligibility, health reform laws, access to care, contact information, employee status changes, Cal-COBRA and more.

List of exceptions for online submission

Please use the appropriate forms for the following changes:

  • Specialty Benefits buy-up and standalone coverage changes
  • COBRA and Cal-COBRA enrollment changes or additions
  • Waiting period selections that are separate for employees based on their status
  • Domestic partner coverage changes (Narrow/Broad)
  • Employer contribution changes
  • Part-time employee coverage additions or removals
  • Refusal of Coverage

Remember, you must log in to Employer Connection Plus to make updates outside of your open enrollment period, such as address and name changes, or to change status for qualifying events.


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