Producer support

Life & AD&D for groups of 2-9 employees

We offer group term life and AD&D coverage with combined administration and billing or without depending on a group's health plans in California. We also offer optional security for employees and their families with dependent life plans. Read the group term life and AD&D product description.

To create a quote for a stand-alone group, we need:

  1. Name and location of the group
  2. SIC (Standard Industry Classification) code of the group or a description of the nature of business
  3. Requested effective date
  4. Date quote is needed (please allow for at least a two-day turnaround)
  5. A description of the plan design and benefits desired
  6. Employee contribution level, if any
  7. Group census containing each employee's gender, age or date of birth, salary and/or class designations (for salary or graded plans)

If you need to transfer a group from combined administration with a medical plan to administration without medical, please contact CareAmerica Life at (888) 646-0789.

Note: You must be appointed by CareAmerica Life Insurance Company in order to receive commissions. Call Producer Services at (800) 559-5905.

How to enroll a group and additional employees:

  • After a group has accepted a proposal, please submit the CareAmerica life group application, employee enrollment forms and a first month’s premium deposit check.
  • If an employee is added to the group coverage after the group has already purchased coverage, please submit an employee enrollment form.

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