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Fitness helps you feel better and have more energy for work and leisure time. When you stay active, you burn more calories, even when you're at rest. Staying fit can also help you manage your weight.

Fitness your way

Get access to thousands of fitness centers nationwide starting at $19 per month. With Fitness Your Way, brought to you by Blue Shield of California in partnership with Tivity Health, you can exercise when and where it’s convenient for you. You get:

  • Access to gyms near home and work
  • No contract commitments
  • Flexibility to select a gym package that’s right for you
  • Digital access to BurnAlong and LES MILLS

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Available to Medicare-eligible members with a Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage-Prescription Drug plan

SilverSneakers® is a fitness program designed to help improve your strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. It includes a complimentary membership to over 14,000 participating gym and fitness locations, including women-only locations.

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