We want you to know more.

At Care1st, we believe the more you know, the better you'll feel about your health and your care. To prevent any miscommunication, we provide our members help and materials in the languages they use most.

Refer to the Care1st C&L Services Community Resource Directory to locate and recommend the appropriate service:

Referrals to Community Programs and Services

This service is available at no cost to the member. It is important that your patients are referred to culturally appropriate resources from community based organizations and other available agencies. These programs and services go beyond health education classes and can include, but are not limited to: Domestic Violence, Parenting, Support groups, Adoption Services, Family Counseling, etc. The C&L department can assist you locate community organizations and resources that offer culturally sensitive programs and services for your patients.

  • Language Services
    We never let language stand in the way of you and your care at Care1st. We communicate with our members in 11 different languages and dialects in addition to English. Our Care1st Cultural and Linguistics Department is available to help you.
  • If you are unable to locate any appropriate services in the directory, you may complete a Care1st C&L Referral Request Form and fax it to the C&L Department at (323) 889-5407.
  • The Care1st C&L Specialist, with the assistance of the UM and/or Health Education departments if necessary, will make every effort to find the proper service and make an open-ended referral.
  • After the patient has been contacted and referred to the appropriate agency or organization, the provider will be notified via fax.

Interpretation Services Poster

A translated poster informing patients that they can receive interpretation services at no cost must be posted in visible areas in your office (i.e. reception desk, waiting room, exam room, etc.). This poster is translated into LA County’s 10 threshold languages and will inform patients that they can receive interpretation services at no cost.