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January 2012 Update
We're excited to offer you a new way to grow and retain your book of business. Simply Shield – our redesigned small group portfolio – offers your clients a simple approach to healthcare coverage.

To make way for our new Simply Shield portfolio, we are streamlining our plan offerings by withdrawing many of our plans from the previous portfolio. To learn more about renewals and withdrawals, your clients' next steps, and how you can assist them, please visit our Renewal and Withdrawal Center.

Please note: If your client currently offers one of Blue Shield's plan packages – PlanSelectSM, Suite Deal, or Dual Choice – they may have some plans without enrollees, and those plans may no longer be available at their next renewal. Only those medical plans included in the new Simply Shield portfolio will be available for enrollment at their next renewal date.

Learn more about the new Simply Shield portfolio. If you have questions, please contact your Blue Shield account manager.
Active Choice Plans
Our Active Choice® plans, underwritten by Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company (Blue Shield Life), are ideal for employers who need to reduce their healthcare costs, but still want to provide their employees with comprehensive benefits.
Categories of Care
Under the Active Choice plan design, healthcare services are distributed among three categories of coverage. This promotes greater management over routine healthcare spending while still providing reliable protection against the impact of high-cost services.
Category One: preventive care, outpatient professional and diagnostic services
  • Members start by receiving a set First Dollar Services coverage, similar to creating a personal fund to hold a set amount of dollars for health care. Members choose from a range of covered services with these dollars, from outpatient professional to diagnostic services.
  • Once first dollar services coverage is exhausted, members pay 100% for covered services in Category One until they reach the calendar-year copayment maximum. When the calendar-year copayment maximum is met, the plan covers 100% of the allowable amount for covered services.
Category Two: outpatient and inpatient surgery--including emergency care services
  • There is no medical deductible for emergency care, outpatient procedures, and inpatient care.  These services are covered through a traditional coinsurance and copayment benefit, providing immediate coverage for times when members need care most.
  • When the calendar-year copayment maximum is met, the plan covers 100% of the allowable amount for covered services.
Category Three: prescription drug retail coverage
  • There are no annual benefit maximums for prescription drugs. Generic drugs are covered at $15 per prescription and have no deductible. Members also have coverage for formulary brand-name and non-formulary brand-name drugs once an annual brand-name drug deductible is met. 
* Pending regulatory approval.
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