How to become a Blue Shield Producer
Here are 4 easy steps to greater sales success, with the business-boosting benefits of being a producer with Blue Shield of California.
Step 1   Review the Blue Shield appointment paperwork submission requirements and download the required forms from the appointment checklist.
Step 2   Complete the forms and include the additional information listed on the appointment checklist.
Step 3   Mail, fax or email your completed forms to the contact information located on the appointment checklist.
Step 4   Enjoy the benefits of being a Blue Shield producer.
  • Products that meet the varied needs of individuals and families, Medicare-eligible clients and all-size businesses.
  • Online producer tools and marketing materials to make sales fast and easy.
That's all there is to it!
If you have questions, email Producer Services or call (800) 559-5905. We look forward to working with you.
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Download the forms and use our handy checklist to become a producer quickly and easily
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Download Producer Agreement (PDF, 528KB)
Direct Deposit Form (PDF, 56KB)
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Call Producer Services at (800) 559-5905.
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