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Small Busines: Q2-2017 product and rate updates (1-100)
There will be a rate increase for medical HMO and PPO plans, but specialty rates remain flat. There are no new products to announce for Q2. We continue to promote the programs available to small businesses that are now standard in all medical plans: TeladocTM, Wellvolution, ID protection, and our new mobile app for members. Our Trio network continues to expand with new providers and into new counties, and is easier to offer your clients with the convenient zip code finder tool to determine access to the network. Learn more about Q2 for small busineses.
Small Busines: Q1-2017 product and rate updates (1-100)
We're starting off the year with TeladocTM and an expanded dental PPO network. Medical plans will experience a first quarter rate action. Most of the dental plans and all of our portfolio vision and life insurance plan rates, will remain unchanged. Learn more about first quarter 2017 rates and product updates.
IFP product updates effective January 1, 2017
With updates to our PPO plans, the introduction of Trio ACO HMO plans, continued expansion of our statewide IFP Exclusive PPO Network, and details on our new Broker Compensation Management Tool, we’re excited to grow stronger together in 2017! Learn more»
Member educational series
Those who purchase a health plan for the first time often need help understanding how to use it. Share these informational fliers with your current and future Blue Shield clients to help them get the most from their health plan and assist them in their efforts to reduce their costs. 
Specialty Benefits Articles in CalBroker Magazine
Use these articles to show your clients how dental and vision coverage is a key contributor to overall health.
Article Author
Seniors Open Wide for Oral Health (PDF, 1.43MB)  Patrice Bergman, Specialty Sales Director
Healthy Vision for a Healthy School Year (PDF, 945KB)  Patrice Bergman, Specialty Sales Director
See the Light: Lens Treatments Add Value to Vision Plans (PDF, 1.62MB)  Mark Sachs, Vision Product Manager
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