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November 2007 Blue Shield Spotlight

Insights & Opinions

Legislative Corner
By Tom Epstein
As of this writing, the future of health care reform in California remains a mystery. Governor Schwarzenegger and the Democratic leaders of the legislature continue their negotiations, and hope for a workable compromise remains.
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Product & Service Updates

  • » An Improved
    Using your suggestions, we've made changes to that make it easier for you, our members and employers, to find what you need.
  • » New Contracted Mail Service Pharmacy for 2008
    Blue Shield is currently in the process of seamlessly transitioning members over to our new contracted mail service pharmacy, Prime Therapeutics (PrimeMail) for a January 1, 2008 effective date.

Ethnic Marketing: Successfully Building a Hispanic Client Base

November 2007 | California Broker

One of every seven people in the United States is of Hispanic origin and this segment of our population may continue to increase dramatically. The most recent Census data shows that, since 2000, this segment has accounted for nearly one-half of population growth in the U.S. In that year, 64% of middle-class Hispanic households owned their own home or were purchasing one.

As these statistics suggest that the Hispanic demographic represents a significant opportunity for individual agents. A growing number of agents who attempt to sell to the Latino market are non-Hispanic. More than a few have discovered that it is simply not enough to use the same approach that works well outside the Latino community.


Vision: The Unsung Hero of Your Benefits Portfolio

November 2007 | By Jack Gerard | California Broker

Why should you and your clients care about vision coverage when it's such a small portion of what employers are spending on benefit packages? Vision benefits offer incredible return on investment in the form of increasing workforce productivity and even lowering healthcare costs.



Blue Shield's Network -- Health Care Shouldn't Get Lost in Translation

To address a critical need voiced by members and employer groups, Blue Shield of California has expanded its Spanish-speaking physician HMO network by more than 2,000 providers in Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Orange Counties.


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