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March 2008 Blue Shield Spotlight


Insights & Opinions

Legislative Update: Mandate Season in Sacramento
By Tom Epstein
Here comes the onslaught. As we feared, the defeat of comprehensive healthcare reform in the state legislature has created a worst-case scenario for our industry's position in Sacramento.
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Producer Surveys -- Do They Matter?
Our surveys help us better understand your needs and ensure we're doing all we can to provide support and drive change. » more

Product & Service Updates

Generics Giveaway: ATM-like Dispensing Machine Offers Strategic Path to Generics Adoption

By Kelley M. Butler
March 2008 | Employee Benefit News

Prozac, Lipitor, Prilosec, Zocor. Most employers and consumers recognize the names of these brand-name medications, and some even know the television commercials that advertise them.

Substantially fewer, though, know - or use - the drugs' generic equivalents. However, progressive health plans and physicians, in partnership with California-based firm MedVantx, are working to change that trend and lower prescription costs at the same time. Cost-savvy benefits managers (and which ones aren't?) may be interested in the strategy to keep prescription expenditures under control.



For Employers, Blue Shield Provides a Full-Service Experience

We're assigning each midsize and large employer group its own dedicated Client Services Representative to field and resolve their escalated or complex issues. This means employers can remain focused on critical business needs while Blue Shield takes care of the rest.


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