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Spring 2013
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Health reform and employers
By Tom Epstein

One of the most hotly debated issues about health reform is whether employers will drop coverage when the law takes effect in 2014. Read more» 
 - Plans for Individuals and Families
Health reform and employers
By Tom Epstein

One of the most hotly debated issues about health reform is whether employers will drop coverage when the law takes effect in 2014. Numerous studies have reached differing conclusions on this issue, and I’ll review a few of them here.

In a recent survey, conducted by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, found that just 3% of employers are likely to drop coverage in 2014. The survey reported that 84% of employers are definitely or very likely to offer coverage.

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Small Group Plans

Looking to offer your clients the best rates?

Take advantage of our ENHANCED RAF program!
Extend our best rates and guarantee your clients a .90% RAF if they are coming to Blue Shield with five or more enrolling employees and have prior coverage. Regardless of their renewal RAF from their current carrier, no health statements and questionnaires are required.

Learn more about our RAF program and share the news with your clients today»
More updates

Learn more about more about Simply Shield»
News about July 2013 renewal cycle»
Renewals minders and mailing dates»
Take control with wellness resources»
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Individual and Family Plans

Help your clients get more from their current health plan

Offer Shield Complete for coverage your clients can rely on.
Our Shield Complete portfolio of Individual and Family Plans can provide your clients with comprehensive coverage for both the routine and the unexpected. All plans in the Shield Complete portfolio offer coverage for preventive care, brand-name drugs, chiropractic, acupuncture, and more.

Learn more about our Shield Complete portfolio»
Key advantages in 2014 for grandfathered plan members
With the upcoming health reform changes in 2014, many customers will be required to purchase a new plan. However, your clients who are enrolled in grandfathered Blue Shield plan will have more stability and flexibility in 2014, including:
  • Choice to keep their current health plan in 2014.
  • Few benefit changes, if any.
  • Can keep seeing their current doctor.
  • Protection from rate increases due to expanded benefits and lower member cost sharing.
Learn more about the advantages of of staying enrolled in a grandfathered plan by downloading our grandfathered plan flier (PDF, 90KB) or by visiting
IFP rate guarantee policy change and updated underwriting guide
July 2013 Product Updates
Effective July 1, 2013, Blue Shield will be making benefit and rate changes to all HIPAA guaranteed-issue Individual and Family Plans. Also, we are updating select health plan policies to reflect our current administration of transgender benefits. Learn more»
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Specialty Benefits

Does your client's IFP plan cover what's really needed?
Chances are they should look at a new plan to get the coverage they need. Major services such as a crown noble can cost as much as $1,400*, but with Blue Shield dental coverage, our members pay $300 to $350 depending on their plan.  A preventive eye exam can cost around $73*, but with Blue Shield vision coverage, it's a $0 copayment for our members. Our IFP dental and vision plans can help minimize your client's out-of- pocket costs. 
We make enrollment easy too. Our Specialty DuoSM dental + vision package is open to all ages. You can enroll clients using our convenient online dental application.

Our broker commission for IFP specialty benefits remains at 20% the first year and 10% thereafter, making Blue Shield a leader in dental, vision, and life commissions.
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