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2015 Mission Report is now available
On May 26, 2016, Blue Shield released its inaugural Mission Report outlining all of the efforts we have put toward fulfilling our mission in 2015. This report highlights our commitment to providing quality health care at an affordable price by being truly mission-driven, good corporate citizens and good stewards of our resources. We encourage you to share the information in this report with your clients.
Secure Email Policy
We know that you value your clients' privacy and share our commitment to keeping their personal information secure. To help ensure their privacy, we've established a secure email system for communicating about our members. Learn more about our secure email policy.
Become a Blue Shield of California Producer
Take control of your financial and professional future. Learn how to become a Blue Shield of California producer.
HIPAA regulations affect every aspect of the healthcare industry and Blue Shield is committed to complying with all the requirements of this important piece of national legislation. Learn more about what we are doing.
Blue Shield's Approach to HIPAA
HIPAA Regulations: Protecting Our Members' Privacy 
Help protect your clients' personal health information. Download our member overview and information release form.
Disclosure Authorization Form (PDF)
Summary of Benefits and Coverage Rule
The Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) Rule is a provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). It requires that all carriers, employers and self-insured health plans provide individuals with a uniform summary of their benefits and coverage. Learn more about this Rule and download Blue Shield's SBC Guide and SBC Forms.
Get the latest announcements that affect our producers.
Blue Shield Producer Sales – Policies & Procedures (Medicare line of business only)
Keep up to date on the latest policies and procedures required for Producers.
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